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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
166265686148112295263666*Bala S MantripragadaBurnley CYMS2018/2019A Reserve3 1North Balwyn
25910330148112295275059Robert PassanteBurnley CYMS2018/2019B Grade7 1Power House
35688997148112295284856Andrew RichardsonBurnley CYMS2018/2019D Grade7 1Barnawartha North
45410315148112296253454*David LeydonBurnley CYMS2018/2019LOC 76 1Notting Hill-Brandon Park
55310339148112296254753*Robert WilliamsBurnley CYMS2018/2019LOC 79 1Blackburn North United
65310315148112296255253*David LeydonBurnley CYMS2018/2019LOC 710 1Glen Waverley
7531008414148112296255253*Roland FuhrmannBurnley CYMS2018/2019LOC 710 1Glen Waverley
8521842634148112295284252Sai K GoudBurnley CYMS2018/2019D Grade5 1Youlden Parkville
952842409148112301937252*John MariadasonBurnley CYMS2018/2019A Reserve1 1Parkville District
10511328783148112295276351Steve MacLeanBurnley CYMS2018/2019B Grade9 1Melbourne City
11511842634148112295274551Sai K GoudBurnley CYMS2018/2019B Grade6 1National
125188997148112296255251*Andrew RichardsonBurnley CYMS2018/2019LOC 710 1Glen Waverley
13511834058148112296254751*Andrew van OosterwjikBurnley CYMS2018/2019LOC 79 1Blackburn North United
145110315148112296255851*David LeydonBurnley CYMS2018/2019LOC 711 1Kew
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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