Burnley CYMS Cricket Club

Premiership Teams

The Burnley CYMS CC has been very successful in its 79 year history, amassing a total of 19 Premierships. The first in way back in 1945-46 and most recently in the summer of 2016/17. The club has also won a T20 Premiership and a Mid Year Cricket Premiership.


Most Premierships by a Single Player: 7 by Robert Passante

Highest Team Score in a Grand Final: 432 by A Grade in 2008/09

Highest Individual Score in a Grand Final: 237 by Gurpreet Khaira 2008/09

Most Runs in Grand Finals: 411 by Martin Blackey

Best Bowling Figures in a Grand Final: 7/41 by Anuj Prasad 2006/07

Most Wickets in Grand Finals: 27 by Dylan Saunders




MCA D Grade

vs Sacred Heart

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Craig Leembruggen, John Eaton, Mark Thomson, Matt Poultney, Kris McCarthy, Jeremy Houghton, Craig Dodsworth-Wright, Grant Donovan, Leon O'Farrell

Front Row: Rodney Glen, Paul Deakin (Captain), Ronan Glen



MCA A Grade

vs Youlden Parkville

Back to Back (Again!)

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Richie Connell, Dylan Saunders, Satwinder Singh, Sid Mamgain, Dean McCorkell, Adam Glover, Lachie Jaacks (12th Man)

Front Row: Luke Mendo, Marty Blackey, John Mariadason (Captain), Jagpreet Grewal, Brett Mitchell


MCA A Grade

vs Parkville District

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Satwinder Singh, Jagandeep Singh, Marty Blackey, Brett Mitchell, Dylan Saunders, Dean McCorkell

Front Row: Jagpreet Grewal, Nitin Kumarthareja, Luke Mendo, John Mariadason (Captain), Richie Connell



MYCA South Division

vs Melbourne Super Kings

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Jagpreet Grewal, Amandeep Singh, James Collie, Sid Mamgain, Andrew Richardson, Sri Kovelakonda (Captain), Satwinder Singh

Front Row: Adam Glover, Sumit Anand (12th Man), Bobby Singh, Jatinder Bhatt, Rohit Sandhu



MCA C Sunday Grade

vs Bentleigh

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Paul Booth, Richie Connell, Paul Moerth (Team Manager), Wayne Maloney, Craig Leembruggen, Mark Goudie (12th Man), Daragh Browne

Front Row: Dave Wraith, Craig Sinclair, Mark Irving, Paul Deakin (Captain), Grant Donovan, Andrew Starkey, Nick Hyland (12th Man)



MCA C Grade

vs Eastern Flow CC

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: James Smith, Simon Pierotti (12th Man), Nick Starcevic, Satwinder Singh, John Eaton, Mark Thomson

Front Row: Sean Leydon, Andrew Richardson (Captain), Sri Kovelakonda, Ash Mehta, Pankaj Aggarwal, Asif Syed



MCA D Grade

vs Hydro Flow CC

The Greatest Comeback In MCA History

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Craig Sinclair, Paul Booth, David Leydon, Nick Hyland, Robbie Williams, Andrew Starkey (12th Man)

Front Row: Craig Leembruggen, Sean Leydon, Paul Deakin (Captain), Richard Tongue, Richie Connell, Shannon Gillespie




vs Coles Sharks CC

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Andrew Richardson, Luke Mendo, Mark Thomson, John Eaton, Gurpreet Khaira, Richard Tongue

Middle Row: Robert Passante, Dylan Saunders, Jagvir Gill (Captain)

Front Row: Ashish Vinayak (12th Man), Arun Mohanaranjaragan, Nitin Kumarthareja, Sean Leydon (12th Man)




MCA A Grade

vs South Yarra CC

The 3-Peat

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: John Andrew, Dylan Saunders, Dean McCorkell, Luke Mendo, Martin Blackey, Jagvir Gill (Captain), Lachy Jaacks, Gurpreet Khaira, Brett Mitchell (12th Man)

Front Row: Nitin Kumarthareja, Ryan Chhajed, Robert Passante


MCA A Grade

vs Sacred Heart CC

Back to Back

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Adrian Symons (12th Man), Marty Blackey, Mike Sellars, Dean McCorkell, Luke Mendo, Jagvir Gill (Captain), Nitin Kumarthareja, Wayne Maloney, Gurpreet Khaira

Front Row: Dylan Saunders, Ryan Chhajed, Lachie Jaacks




MCA A Grade

vs Carnegie CC

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: John Eaton, Ryan Chhajed, Paul Maloney, Dean McCorkell, Martin Blackey, Dylan Saunders

Front Row: Matt Long, Jagvir Gill, Robert Passante (Captain), Brett Mitchell, Luke Mendo, Dave Richardson (12th Man)



MCA C Grade

vs Bentleigh CC

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Andrew Richardson (12th Man), Wayne Maloney, Jerry Raj, Brett Mitchell, Mike Johnston, Mark Irving, Anuj Prasad

Front Row: Danny Ellen, Ramalingham Shanmugasundaram, Chandra Pamulapati, Warren Gregory, Matt Bardsley (Captain)



MCA B Grade

vs South Yarra CC

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Darko Grah, Paul Maloney, Greg Smith , Martin Blackey, Lindsay Norling, Ian Hamm, Warren Gregory (12th Man)

Front Row: Peter Nicholson, Wayne Maloney, Robert Passante (Captain), John Andrew, Bill Northby



MCA A Grade

vs Old Haileybury CC

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Robbie Williams (12th Man), Travis Dempster, Peter Gilroy-Scott, John Eaton, Mark Thomson, John Marsicovetere, Grant Donovan

Front Row: Eric Wagg, Ken D'Cruz, Robert Passante (captain), Laurence Wagg, Bill Wagg



MCA A Grade

vs Yarra Park

Full Scorecard Here 

Back Row: Bill Wagg, Peter Gilroy-Scott, Andrew Fenner, Bill Northby, Ken McNulty

Middle Row: Grant Donovan (12th Man), Eric Wagg, John Marsicovetere, Laurence Wagg, Martin Renner

Front Row: Robert Passante (Captain), Travis Dempster




ESCA G Grade Turf

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Loi Duong, Derek Prout,, Clint O'Toole (12th Man), Martin Renner, Andrew Fenner, Garry Duong (12th Man), Phil Quach, Nick Gavalas, Robert Passante

Front Row: Gerard Molloy, John Brooks (Captain), Laurence Wagg, David Mariadason




ESCA D Grade Turf

Full Scorecard Here

Back Row: Phil Lunt, Des Scully, Ray Zerna, Cliff McCorkell, Peter Gribbin, Rory Jacobs, Michael McKinley

Front Row: Les Richards, Trevor Tyler, Peter Forehan (Captain), Danny Slattery