Match Reports 9-10th December

1's Game Abandoned MCA A Grade Burnley 9/88 vs Yarra United 2/54 M. Rasheed 57, M. Gaffar 1/1 Score Card Not Available The 1's had a bit of an eventful Read more

Match Reports 25-26th November

1's Give Top Side a Huge Scare MCA A Grade Burnley 4/167 def by Parkville District 7/168 M. Rasheed 103, M. Gaffar 2/24 Full Score Card Here This week Read more

Match Reports 18-19th November

1st XI Game Abandoned MCA A Grade Burnley vs Parkville District Rescheduled to 1 Day Game Next Sunday The 1's were due to play Parkville District on Sunday Read more

Match Reports 11-12th November

1's Rue Another Collapse MCA A Grade Burnley 143 def by Southern Lions 178 Asad Ali 88, J. Walters 3/30 Full Score Card Here Despite a very promising Read more

Match Reports 4-5th October

1's in the Hunt MCA A Grade Burnley 3/49 vs Southern Lions 178 Asad Ali 29 not out, J. Walters 3/30 Full Score Card Here It’s game on for our 1 st XI Read more

Match Reports 28th - 29th October

Mamgain Magic Not Enough For 1's MCA A Grade Burnley 178 def by Youlden Parkville 221 S. Mamgain 94, V. Singh 4/46 Full Score Card Here Needing 200 to Read more

Top Performances 2017/18

1 Mark A Irving105C South Grade4
2 Mohsin Rasheed103A Grade4
3 Siddharth Mamgain94A Grade2
4 Martin Blackey89C South Grade7
5 Syed Asad Ali88A Grade3
6 Neris Kusta75LOC 6 (Bingley Shield)4
7 Martin Blackey73C South Grade4
8 Kunal Minhas68A Grade1
9 John Mariadason68B Grade6
10 Robert Passante64B Grade6